tips on how to self tan and not look like an oompa loompa

There’s a fine line between tan, and looking like a dorito.

– by: someone who wins at life

I probably started using self tanners about 6 months ago mainly because I quickly realized that getting a professional spray tan every few weeks is SUPER expensive. Anyways, before I dove into this world of self tanners, I asked myself A TON of questions…

  1. Which product do I buy?
  2. Will I look orange?
  3. Wait.. I have to use a mitt?
  4. How do I get my upper and mid back?
  5. When do I exfoliate? And which exfoliator do I use?!
  6. How long do I have to wait before I wash?
  7. What am I supposed to wear while it sets?
  8. How often do I have to apply moisterizer

Well rest assured, I didn’t turn orange, and am still happily using self-tanners.

Which product do I buy?

I use and LOVE St.Tropez. I did a ton of research and found that St.Tropez had amazing reviews and was super easy to use. Its foam based and ST-Large-Product-Icons-740x1057px_0006_Express-200ml_allure_glam.1467027329to be used with a mitt – this helps with streaks! St.Tropez sells two types of foam self-tanners, A. St.Tropez Classic (takes 4-8hours) or B. St.Tropez Express (takes 1-3hours). I use the Express because it works best for my lifestyle.I know a lot of people like the Classic because they go to bedwhile its setting, but I tried that once and my sheets were destroyed (I even wore long-sleeve pants and t-shirt). My routine with the Express goes like this: 6PM – Apply, 9PM – Wash off, Sleep, Wake-up TAN! BTW, the bottle lasted me like 10 applications.

Will I look orange?

Luckily I haven’t but you have to be extremely careful with the making sure you spread the foam out evenly… ALSO very important, you must apply lotion before you start on the top of your feet, palms of your hands, knees (this was a big one for me), and elbows. This helps protect darkness and awkward lines.

Wait.. I have to use a mitt?

Yes, but it seriously makes it SO easy to use. Especially with the light-weight foam. Here’s a link to the mitt I use! St.Tropez Applicator Mitt. The only negative is that it tends to rip along the stitching where your fingers touch, so expect to purchase this with every bottle.

How do I get my upper and mid back?

LOL.. my boyfriend helps me with this part. I am totally capable of getting my back but its definitely easier if someone helps.

When do I exfoliate? And which exfoliator do I use?!51OkvKu+VuL._SY679_

UGH. This is deff where i struggled. i did a TON of research and was soooo overwhelemed by the DOs and DONTs. DONT use oil based, dont use fragrance, do use salts, do use sugars.. wayy too much for my brain to process. I ended up going with Neutrogean’s Body scrub. It’s great for your skin, smells fresh and is all natural. Winner. I believe in exfoliating right before you apply so that you’re applying on fresh new skin (aka. lasts longer).

How long do I have to wait before I wash?

Depends on which product you use. I leave my Express on for 3 hours and it’s PERFECT.

What am I supposed to wear while it sets?

LOL. Luckily with the Express, you don’t have to wear PJ’s to bed. I typically throw on a black robe and cook/ do errands around the house for 3 hours.

How often do I have to apply moisturizer?

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. I always apply the next morning. Luckily with St. Tropez, I didn’t have to apply until the 3rd-4th day.


NO. I made this mistake when I was at a wedding. Legit shaved my legs 1 hour before leaving. I was freaking out.. luckily I reapplied the St.Tropez Express and within 3 hours I was bronzed…except that I had to run to the bathroom to wash off my legs… deff dont recommend this.